How To Know The Exact Model of My Graphics Card?


Dec 12, 2012

I recently built my custom PC with a 'Sapphire 7970 DualX Card'. But when i check for the exact model on any programs (e.g. CPU-Z, GPU-Z) it shows 'Radeon HD 7900 Series'.

When i tried to run Far Cry 3 on System Requirements Lab, it says that i do not have the 7970 card when i obviously paid for it. Maybe it is not accurate. But i just want to make sure that the shop didn't rip me off. :sol:

Anyone knows any (virus-free) programs that directly shows you the model?? I don't want to kill myself opening the PC because i dont have a anti-static wristband :kaola:

Thanks in advance. :wahoo:


Apr 7, 2012
Opening your PC won't kill it. I guarantee you. When it says 7900 series it's referring to the GPU processor for that series, it is correct. Ignore those system checkers for games, you're good to go. If you want to know the exact model you can use a program like MSI Afterburner to tell you, or you can probably find it under your device manager.
If you want the specific model, the you will have to open the case and examine the PCB of the card for any model numbers (unless you have kept all the documents that came with the card).

If your just after a general idea of the cards model, the all you need to know is which card (A 7970) it is and what brand it is.

Software cannot tell which model the card is, because they figure out which card it is by its GPU, and both the 7950 and 7970 have Tahiti GPU's, so they can only tell within the 7900 series.