How to let a friend Proxy connect to the internet through me


Dec 4, 2007
A friend of mine is in Europe at the moment, and can't access certain content on his internet connection over there (e.g. youtube videos blocked in his country)

How do i setup a proxy on my computer and let him connect through me?

I have added a port in the port forwarding section in my router, and have downloaded and setup a user with FreeProxy Internet Suite, but i'm not sure what to do next?

How can my friend connect through me?

Thanks for the help!
You have to provide him w/ your public IP and the port # you forwarded on your router to the proxy. On his end, he needs to configure his application(s) to use that proxy (probably socks5) using that information.

If you plan to do this over a long time, you should consider using a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service (if you haven’t already) such as or to bind your dynamic public IP to a domain name so when and if your public IP does change, he can just use the domain name and not have to call you every time the public IP changes.