How to limit fx 6300 black edition


Sep 26, 2013
Hello guys, 1st of all thanks for all of help i got frm u guys which helps me about my pc in a lot way.
Now I bought a 2nd hand fx 6300 for my pc bt after installing it my pc getting power off and automatically started around 15 to 20 mins so I installed amd overdrive and saw that temp margin is staying 15 to 20 (sometimes 5 or 9 also)...
I thing which cause a lot of heat & getting shutdown as a preventive measure...
So I made some research and I changed the power options >high performance>advance setting >max pc cpu power >to 100% to 90% which makes a lot of difference (60℃ to 35-40℃) & min pc cpu power is already 5%
So I want to khow how to control or limit the processor to max 3.5 ghz....
Cause I'm gonna install assassins creed origins which is a very cpu hungry game ....
So all I want is to control the cpu temp to around 40 to 48℃.
(And don't want 2 buy new cooler)


Aug 1, 2017
Well I think you take it from wrong direction. You can limit game FPS to make sure it's not using to much. I would clean up PC from dust, it will lower temps a lot. Second thing is thermal paste. I bet your's dried already and that why PC shuts down. Cooler SHOULD handle CPU at stock.
you can undervolt CPU a bit to lower temps, you should get same performance with better thermals.
and replace paste. its like 5$ and might help a lot.

i'm not sure if you're saying 48*c OR 48 over ambient. usual thermal shutdown is around 105*c

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