How to make a bootable usb drive from a VHD Virtualvox file

I have a Windows XP VM in VirtualBox on my computer. I would like to put the VHD from this VM onto a USB stick and boot from it. Is this possible? Can I turn this VHD into an Iso and then write it to a USB drive? Most guides are for writing win 10 vhds to isos from the command prompt and they don't work with my iso. Also i tried to use the command line using virtualbox to convert the vhd to an iso. I have done this in the past, however it doesnt work with this VHD.
I done a while ago by creating a VM in VirtualBox and install Windows on it, then image it (create a drive image to be used later).
Restore the image but without booting from it.
I restored the image with Acronis into the computer.
It will boot and ask for drivers.

You could accomplish the same easier by using SysPrep
The VHD files are saved in your computer (C:\Users\[username]\VirtualBox VMs).
Like I previously stated, I used Acronis to restore the VHD
I copy the VHD file to a USB disk
Boot the computer using a Acronis recovery USB flash drive
Restore the image using Acronis Universal Restore into the target computer.