How To make a PS2 play games from a USB stick

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Jun 15, 2012
HI guys, I really need your help. I have had a Ps2 system for a while now, and I know that you can make it play games from a USB stick. My Ps2 has a mod chip in it, so i can play "burnt" games. So now the problem is: I know you need some software to install Free mcboot on your memory card cause that's the beginning. Can you please tell me all the detailed steps in order to play ps2 games from my USB stick, i.e. All the software I need, how to use them, how to install, all the necessary software, etc. (P.S. I will appreciate it if you tell me how to ulaunch.iso for the process)


Oct 27, 2012

- You need to have a software called USB Advance or USB Extreme(search the internet or contact me if you can't find it).
- Write this software using DVD Decrypter onto a blank CD-R.
- Insert the disc into the playstation 2.
- You should have a USB Pen drive ready, of capacity minimum 4 GB.
- Alongwith the USB Advance, you will get a software for your PC to convert the downloaded games into the games playable through USB.
- Open the software, browse for a game file, and convert it.
- Now insert the pen drive into your computer and copy the converted game files into the pen drive.
- Remove the pen drive from computer and insert it in your PS2.
- Boot your PS2 with the USB ADvance CD in it and now select the game and press the 'X' button to play!


From what I remember you can only use certain usb mass storeage devices with USB Loader/Advance, you might be able to find a compatibility sheet for them, the other thing I've found is the USB Loader is quite slow compaired to disc access and the fastest method is to use the Broadband adapter with a IDE hard disk (HD Advance), theres virtually no waiting.
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