How to make Hdd primary storage


Dec 18, 2010
I currently have a SSD and have windows 7 installed on it. I just installed a 1TB HD and I want this to be the drive everything else is stored on. I tried to install Civ 5 but it wants to install on the SSD. How do i set the HD to be the primary storage device? I have the SSD 1st in boot order, but I didn't think this made a difference. Any help would be great.


Jun 16, 2009
usually when installing off disc there is an option for advanced/custom installation which would let you choose the install folder
if it is the steam version then you would have to have steam installed onto the other drive


May 17, 2010
My thinking is that you could create a new folder in program files that you want the game to be installed in. You could then install your HDD and go to Disk Manager and mount the new drive onto the folder you want to install the game. Then install the game and tell it to install in the folder that you mounted your new HDD to. I don't know if Civ 5 is 32-bit or 64-bit, but if it a 32-bit program the Civ 5 install folder you created that the drive is mounted to should be created in Program Files (x86), otherwise it should be placed in Program Files, this only applies if you're running Windows 7 64-bit anyway. You could do the exact same thing with your C:\\Users folder so that personal files and other large files would be stored there if you want to. I haven't tried this myself but it should work, though there's a small chance windows may not allow you mount a drive to a subfolder in the Program Files folder for security reasons.

Keep in mind that's a little overkill and a far simpler option would be to just install the game straight onto the new drive without performing any of the drive mounting by using advanced install settings to specify an install location on the HDD. However, my personal preference is to have all my programs in program files, and the first way allows for certain files and folders to be stored to the HDD in a more transparent way.
Did you try making a folder on the big drive. ( name the folder game1 ) Then tell the game to install there ? Next game to be installed could go in folder game2.... or just name it after the game. To keep things neat you can have the game saves in a sub folder of that same folder if you wanted. ( game1/game1 saves.