[SOLVED] How to make smaller SSD my boot drive?

Dec 27, 2018
I recently just got a 512GB SSD and want to make it my boot drive.

My current storage is:
1TB HDD (Boot Drive/Windows 10) - 880GB in use
2TB HDD - Empty
512GB SSD - Empty

Is there a way I can go about making my SSD the boot drive without losing anything? I am also interested in moving various games over to it that have a lot of loading screens.

edit: I also have a 128GB thumb drive


ON your current 1TB boot drive, move everything you wish to keep such as files, pictures, videos, and whatever else you have on there. Try and move as much as you can over to that 2TB drive and reduce the size of your 1TB drive to something around 400-450GB used.

Next, use a cloning tool such as Macrium Reflect or Acronis True Image to clone your 1TB boot drive to the new 512GB SSD. After completion, set that SSD as the primary boot device in the BIOS and boot into it.

You will end up losing some programs and installed games and you will have to reinstall them. But this is what happens when changing boot drives that also have games/programs installed on them. If your games are installed through a client (EA Origin, Steam, Blizzard, etc) then the client will be able to save game data for you. You will just need to reinstall the games.