Question How to make V Moda's sound better on PC?


Dec 5, 2014
I have a pair of V Moda LP 2's, i love bass and nice crisp rich audio. I had that with a Blue Snowball for audio in Discord and other games. I thought getting Steelseries Arctis Pro's + the DAC and built in Sabre soundcard would be better quality, which they are louder, the bass is much cleaner and better in my V Moda's even without any soundcard or any DAC. I have a PC and i wanna use my V Moda LP 2's for gaming and listening to music a lot on iTunes. What would I have to purchase to make the audio better and reach its full potential that can connect to my PC? I can spend around 100-200 but would prefer to spend whatever the best for the money is. I don't create music, I just game and listen to a lot of different types of music, (rock, dubstep, metal, a bunch of rap). I'd appreciate any assistance! I also do plan on returning the Steelseries Arctis Pro's, and using a Boom mic or a snowball.

I have a typical gaming PC, X570 motherboard with a Ryzen 3600.


If your V Moda headphones sound better to you than the Arctis Pro then just use those, they may or may not sound better with a DAC and/or amp, you would have to try and compare them. Probably won't make much difference, those headphones are low impedance so don't need much power to drive them. The Arctis headphones are good but they are not know for their bass, they are clear but pretty neutral, if you are looking for low end those are not the ones. The headphones you already have are pretty good, without spending $500 on Fostex or something similar you won't get a better low end. Maybe the Sony "extra bass" stuff but that tends to not be as clear as the higher end headphones in the rest of the range.
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Thanks, i guess ill just use my V Moda's then. I thought putting a DAC in would help it improve. Thank you for the reply!
Using a DAC or an amp with the headphones may help, but it's not likely you will notice the difference enough to be worth it. I'm not saying it won't help, but there is a good chance you won't be able to tell any difference in the sound, or not a "better" difference to you at least. Really if you want to give it a shot, something like the FX Audio DAC-X6 (which is what I use) is good for the price, you may notice something, you may not, but at least it's a good piece of hardware and will give you some options to play around with other headphones and speakers.