Question How to make windows 10 automatically store on your hard disk


Aug 18, 2015
Recently, I bought a gaming pc, with ssd in-build. Each time I transfer files to desktop, it says not enough space, How do I make it permanent, transfer files and documents to desktop on internal hdd and not ssd.
You can't do that as far as I know. The desktop files will always be stored on the C: drive, which will be your SSD. Only way to get Desktop files on your HDD would be to install your Windows to the HDD instead. However, I would suggest you to wait for someone else to reply as well, there are some very knowledgeable folks here who might have a workaround I don't know about. But from what I know, only easy way for you is to clear up some SSD space, maybe transfer some non-essential files from your SSD to your HDD.
Open File Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\<your name>. You'll see couple of folders here - Desktop, Documents, Music etc. Right-click on Desktop, Properties, Location. Now you can choose where physically the Desktop and its files are stored - you can move them to your HDD.

You can also go to Settings, System, Storage, scroll down to "More Storage Settings", and click on "Change where new content is stored". This will let you easy move other "system" folders around.