Question How to make Windows 7 based Virtual machine running on Ubuntu 14.04 host machine detect a USB device?

Mar 11, 2019
Hi I have a medical device spirometer that connects via usb cable on a windows 7 machine and gets detected. It has a .exe file and corresponding 3 .dll files. Upon plugging the device into a windows machine and running the .exe file it detects the device perfectly,but when I am running windows 7 via virtual machine on ubuntu 14.04 host machine and running the .exe file or trying to run the .exe file through wine on linux the .exe file launches but showing "Device not connected" pop up window. Windows 7 running virtually on linux platform is unable to detect the device.

Although,upon plugging in the device on a linux machine and checking from terminal using "lsusb" command I found it getting detected and displayed on the terminal screen.

Note : The manufacturer says they provide support for the device solely for windows machine and not on linux platform.

Any suggestions as to how to get the device detected on linux platform would be very much appreciated.

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