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Question How to manage resolution for a laptop ouputting to a 4K TV?


Jan 5, 2014
I recently purchased a 4K TV. I have my current laptop (W7 OS w/ intel integrated graphics, nothing fancy, no dedicated graphics card because I don't game) attached to it because I primarily use the tv as a giant monitor. Mostly I search the web, stream movies and tv off the internet. Not gaming. I've been trying to read about this online but everything seems to be about gaming and I feel like my issue is much simpler, and that I must be missing something so basic that there is no need for most of the the online articles to mention it!

In order to be able to see the screen as if it were a monitor I had to lower the laptop resolution to 1920X1080, even though the laptop “recommended” 3840×2160. The refresh rate is at 60Hz. At the higher resolution the print was so so very small on the TV that I couldn’t read it at all. (It was severely “underscaled” if that’s a thing.) But at 1920x1080 I feel like the picture is less than crisp, and that I am not taking advantage of the picture this TV could deliver. I am not talking about watching 4K videos (of which there are very few online right now), but just streaming a regular tv show, for example. I'm trying to figure out what settings will allow me to maximize crispness without sacrificing readability of the various icons and Windows buttons (because I can always zoom into the contents of a web page, but not if I can't see the "+" sign to do it!).

It is entirely possible that I do not understand this at all, btw. Will a 4K TV ONLY deliver 4K video crisply? Or should stuff at a lower resolution look good if I have the settings right?

FYI, my HDMI cable is a 4K-capable cable, 60Hz, 2.2.



Mar 11, 2018
By "In order to be able to see the screen as if it were a monitor " I'm guessing you mean everything is very small and unreadable. If I understood that correctly, press the Windows key on your PC go to Settings, search for System, if you click on System you should automatically be in the Display section, go to the Scale and Layout part and there you should see "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" and underneath it, there should be "125% (Recommended)", change this setting as preferred