Question How to manually limit voltage Ryzen 2700x?


Dec 31, 2013
I have a Ryzen 2700x and it runs pretty hot; rendering things in Blender it reaches 75-80 C and games usually hover at 60c (keep in mind I am using a Noctua NH-D15S to cool it). I have PBO turned on in the bios and according to Ryzen Master the CPU's voltage will hover at 1.4 to almost 1.5 volts, which I read is a little high. This is the latest bios for my board (Asus X470 F gaming) and I leave everything on auto. With PBO off the voltages still remain around that range.


Jun 11, 2019
Asus AI Suite lets you tweak voltages, multipliers for BUS speed, fan profiles etc.
In fact everything apart from your GPU settings.
When you first run it click the 5 Way Optimisation.
This tests all your CPU, FAN, TEMPS etc to see what their maximum tolerances are.
It will likely crash your system when testing the CPU which is perfectly normal.
It steps up the multiplier and voltages in increments resulting in high temperatures to the point the CPU shuts down as they are built to avoid overheating too far.
Mine did this when I ran it.
Just restart Windows, run AI suite again and it continues testing fans etc.

Once this has been ascertained it will run your CPU at its optimal speed.

Bear in mind that the boost on Ryzens is a separate function to AI Suite so your optimal CPU speed shown is the minimum it will run at then boost kicks in separately as and when required according to demand.

Ryzen Master does similar but I have never used that as I find AI Suite covers everything.

Alternatively a quick work around is to activate Windows Power Options - Power Saver as this will limit the CPU to 2200 MHZ.
Changing some of the advanced options in Power Options for this plan like monitor not turning off HDD not turning off etc is necessary to stop a full system power save other than your CPU.

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