Question how to manually remove mallicious content?


Sep 19, 2015
Due to very bed performance issues - or non performance - i am a techy dumbarse so just googled,downloaded and used HITMAN PRO to scan & see if could detect anything bad on my pc. Now, after this took sometime and the scanning of many files, its final prognosis was that i had 2 definate issues that i had to "quarantine" etc & delete.. So i then had another page pop up on my screen asking for the activation code or the option for 30day free trial, then comes a small pop up requiring email address, to continue with the last stage of removal - which it continues to infuriatingly refuse me saying that my trial period has expired. - seriously? theyve got to be joking? after all that time spent trying to download install then scan my pc ... OMG. especially when it wouldnt even let me download any malware files so had to then go with FRST etc first,Anyway,after all that crap their going to play this game? Thats not fair & im not happy- as up until now iv just been "winging it",with just following set up instructions tyhen the program does the rest So what now? these files can not stay on here if my pc is literally dying bcoz things are just shutting down & refusing to work so how do i get rid of them please? -yes & like stated above "im a real techy dumbarse" so real basic dumbarse words that i might be able to understand would be best . TIA.


Aug 26, 2017
I use a program called reanimated.It's not for new people but if you know which files it is and it loads into your windows startup then it can easily remove it.What it does is it stops windows before loading any drivers etc then you can manually remove it.It even have an option to look on the net if the file truly exist.Then there's avast and not sure but think malware bytes have a free option?Not sure on the latter
Use Malwarebytes AntiMalware...

You should also have a look at all your browser extensions.

If you made notes of where the miscreant files are located , you can jump right to location (and suspend or delete) from within Microsoft/SysInternals' processexplorer as well...; it's a very powerful analysis/exploratory tool!

freefixer also gives you a good look at assorted processes, startups, registry entries, scheduled tasks, etc...;it 'whitelists' (with a green color, and no option to delete) all known/common processes/applications. (Delete things at your own risk/peril, it's entirely manual to delete whatever you wish, but, it will not stop you from deleting things that might be needed/useful as well, so, some research/study is required)