How to move a modem


Aug 21, 2012
I am using wireless right now. It is painfully slow at times, and others decent. Recently it has been really slow (less than 300kb/s) and I am tired of it. I want to use wired again but the modem and router are in my basement. Running an Ethernet cable from the router to my room is a last resort. I currently have Cox Internet, Telephone, and Cable. I do have a cable supplying internet to my room, so that is not my concern. But the phone is a different story. How can I move my modem and router without losing phone service? Can it be any phone cable or does it have to be one connected to a special outlet as the modem currently is? Thanks.
you said the phone cord is plugged into the wall from the modem?

where is the phone at?

phone lines are usually much simpler then network lines. They can loop from one location to another. do you have phone service in your room?