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Question How to not turn on laptop monitor when external monitor is powered off?

Aug 21, 2019
Hi all, so i'm currently connecting my laptop to an external monitor via mini DP to DP cable, and I am using "Show only on 2" in display settings to only use my external monitor.

When I was using HDMI to HDMI cable before, whenever I turn off my external monitor, my laptop screen won't turn on (which is exactly what I want) . But now since I switched cables (to fully utalise my monitor), my laptop screen would light up whenever I power off my external monitor (as it seems to my laptop that the monitor is disconnected, rather than just turned off).

Is there a way to not turn on my laptop screen when I power off my external monitor? Or is this going to be an effect of using mini DP to DP cables? Any help is appreciated


You could have the laptop lid shut? Go in to power options and set the behavior of the computer to not shut off when the lid is closed. I believe you can make a distinction between it being plugged in or not, so that you can have normal behavior when you are mobile.