Question how to oc intel core i9 9900k and 64gb ddr4 corsair ram 3200mhz

Apr 16, 2019
Hi guys,

so, I recently completely upgraded my rig, and now I have some questions about overclocking my components.

My specs are the following=

CPU= intel core i9 9900k

CPU cooler= Nzxt x72 360mm aio

mobo= MSI z390 godlike

ram= corsair vengeance pro rgb DDR4 4x16gb at 3200mhz in total 64gigs

gpu= rtx 2080

psu= corsair hx1200i

SSD= SanDisk 1tb

case= nzxt h700

now since I have an aio I figured I would push the limits of that i9, only I have no idea what the limits are. Furthermore, I would like to know if anyone knows if I can overclock my ram or change the latency of it, I am not sure if it’s well optimized right now, I think I can get a little bit more out of it, but not sure. The latency currently is c16 if I am right (16-18-18-36) at 1,35 volts at 3200mhz. Now I would also like to increase the speed of it, if possible, but not necessarily. I would also like to add that I am a noob in overclocking in general so yeah :)

the systems primary purpose is gaming but also some programming and game, graphics design.

if anyone has some tips, I would greatly appreciate it