Nov 4, 2020
I want to OC my XFX Radeon RX 6700 XT SWFT 309 GPU. Why I want to OC? To get most out of my GPU and most possible FPS. I have never done OC on GPU before so if there anyone in here who have been OC this GPU? Or there are some good setp by step guide how to OC my GPU?

Thank you!


Ive been overclocking for years, pushing cpus and gpus to limits. Back then, it was worth it, 8 years ago it was possible to get a full 1GHz OC out of a cpu, not so today. With modern technology and things like Gpu Boost there's extremely little room to be had, and the cost is excessive amounts of voltage and heat for tiny gains that aren't really noticeable.

OC if you think you have to, but honestly the extra power requirements, possible instability, wear and tear on components, extra heat output really isn't worth the 2-6fps gains.

Competition has made it this way, nobody would buy an Asus 6700xt if the msi and Gigabyte both got higher performance for the same price. So everyone is pushing close to limits on a per class basis. The budget cards are all similar, mid-range and high end are all similar performance levels. Their pcb, components, cooling being set for the performance levels expected. You won't OC an Evga SC to FTW levels etc, the card simply can't handle that.


Mar 11, 2021
Yeah, the performance you'd gain will be AT BEST 5% (so 2/3 fps). Just leave it as it is. OCing nowadays it's just a way to stroke your own ego with synthetic benchmarks scores. In actual practicality, it has lost every meaning. Especially modern hardware. Older hardware can still be a significant uplift, but not on a 6700xt.