How to pair my dell mini inspiron notebook to my desk top pc


Apr 19, 2010
Hi, I have a DELL MINI INSPIRON NOTEBOOK as My second PC with a Philips IQON Desktop as My main PC. How can I pair them together? as my DESKTOP has the Most of My Files etc, Thank You for Your Time, Darren


Windows has a facility called Briefcase, but it either depends on a null modem cable between COM or Parallel ports (who uses them these days) or setting up a network.

If both computers have wireless cards -- have a look at Ad Hoc networking.

Or you'll just have to take the plunge into creating a LAN thus:

If you don't have a router get an ethernet crossover cable to run between the two computers' network ports.

If both computers are connected to the router it's fairly simple to set up a wireless network -- though personally I would establish the links with ethernet cable first and then use wireless once it's all working.

Basic steps

1) set file sharing on relevant folders.
2) Note down names of both computers (Control Panel, System, Computer Name) 3) Turn off firewalls on both machines.
4) Got to Control Panel, Networking and select Network Wizard.
5) In My Network Places select Add New Network Place.