How to Play a CDFs on My laptop


Mar 5, 2011
I bought best of the doors cd, but won't play in my laptop, says needs file association for cdfs format. where do I go to do this, I'm running vista home premium and trying to use the windows media player to play the cd
Should play just fine, unless it's one of those funky CDs they made that won't play on computers. Check the booklet or back of the case for any notes.

This the only CD that won't play, have you tried other CDs?

Also try to open Media Player first, then open the disk from there if you are just using the autorun to try to play the disk. If it asks you what to use to play cdfs format, just point it to the Windows Media player program. May help to post the exact error message and when it comes up.
That CD does indeed have copy protection that prevents it from being played on a computer. As such it doesn't conform to CD Red Book standard so you would be entitled to return it and ask for a refund.

If the CD includes the Compact Disc Digital Audio logo it may be in breach of trademark laws unless it contains a specific warning that it cannot be played on computer equipment.