Question How to play Battlefield4 good enough and achieve the greatest results?

Feb 25, 2019
Recently i got a giveaway origin key * mod edit for possible ad link * I just started playing battlefield 4 on PC , I myself play BF4 on a regular basis.

Its just like any other game, I have to learn the mechanics of the game. as with many shooters, is to learn the range, damage, and type of guns
Once i start getting more familiar with the maps, and how your soldiers move, I will steadily get better. Thing is,Like most people playing BF3 and BF4 have been playing for long time. I am going to die a lot. I suck at it badly. What are some tips or suggestions?
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When playing multiplayer put all your settings on Low, this makes it easier to focus on gameplay instead of being distracted by visuals. This will also keep your FPS high and limit dips. The only setting I would keep on Ultra is Mesh Quality as this shows you distance targets.

Communication, if you find a good squad that communicates well you can dominate the battlefield. When I did play BF4 it was me, my uncle and a few of his friends and while we weren't the best players, we worked well as a squad which resulted in us usually getting Top Squad medals post match.

Don't worry about K/D, I played many matches as a engineer or medic (Assault) and earned more points healing people/fixing vehicles then most would earn high a high K/D. Plus your team will appreciate the help when there taking down other vehicles and your keeping there's alive.