How to play games smoothly like console's games?


Dec 14, 2012
I want to play Games Smoothly On my PC like Consoles Games. How to make PCs games run smoothly like consoles games?
I have:
Processor: Intel Core i7 2600 @3.4Ghz
Graphic Card: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5450 2GB


Nov 28, 2012
Upgrade your video card, any x450 series card is very low end.

The GeForce GTX 660 Ti can be found for as low as $300 in Australia
- It will perform 8x to 20x as well as your Radeon HD5450.
- Hopefully that will translate into roughly 64fps to 160fps (average) in the titles you play, which I suspect are console ports to PC... sadly too many of them will be until the next console refresh in 2013.

Typical Prices:

If you can't get a 'Ti' model then a regular GTX660 will do the job, or a Radeon HD 7850 or HD 7870.

All of the above cards will outperform any currently released gaming console, and will likely outperform the Xbox 720 by +100% (be twice as smooth).

If you want Assassins Creed III on PC, and a video card for about $175 - $185 then I'd heartily recommend the following:
- It's a good deal as you get a $58 game for free with the card.

PS: Spending less than ~$115 on a video card will gain you nothing, and you may end up with an even slower model (that is newer and thus cheaper to make) than your Radeon HD 5450.


Nov 28, 2012
Don't poke fun, he probably doesn't know anybody who knows what a real video/graphics card is, let alone actually owns one. Otherwise he wouldn't be asking here.

As far as he knows all 'high end PCs' are is just a Core i5/i7 CPU and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, the other specs are often confusing enough that scumbags sell overpriced stuff on eBay to the unsuspecting victims willing to pay double what it's worth.

Lots of people don't understand that a $365 video card actually pays for itself over 18 to 36 months (45 cents per day) compared to throwing in a cheap one, or worse yet trying to game using the integrated HD#### graphics of a Core i5/i7 unassisted.
- Not to mention games on PC are 'always' on special, typically selling for 20% to 25% less than console versions of the same title with much improved graphics (at very high/ultra) if that is what people are into.

All the leading manufacturers are partly to blame for misleading the public on this.


May 5, 2009

I guess you're right i shouldn't make fun of him, but i can't when i see a HD 5450 with 2GB :lol: :D this GPU can barely use 128MB :lol:

anyway, TC you can buy a new video card for $50 and you will see a huge difference in games, but i will say buy something around $100(like HD 7750 or GTX650) and you will be very happy, i will not recommande you something more expensive since you are new to pc gameing.


Nov 28, 2012
Yeah, you're right.

I used to recommend that people think twice about cards with double the video ram and look more closely at the MB/sec or GB/sec that that VRAM was capable of doing instead.

These days the GPU cores are so advanced that they don't require the same throughput potential from the video RAM to keep pace and it looks like texel rate and pixel fill rate have become more important.

Not to mention the Pixel Shaders, etc.


DDR3 is the type of RAM your motherboard can use.It has nothing to do with graphics card compatibility.You can run a card with DDR5 (GDDR5) memory on a system with DDR1 RAM and there still won't be an issue.

Also PCI Express 2.0 is just the slot you're plugging the card it.It's compatable with PCI-E 3 cards and you will get absolutely the same performance.You will face no problems with it whatsoever.

So yes... as everybody said you REALLY need a new graphics card.The one you're using right now can barely run 6 year old games, let alone new ones.
Remember.More graphics memory doesn't mean more performance.There are a lot of cards that use 256MB of memory that are faster than yours and there are even some 128MB cards, that are faster than your HD 5450.

Whach this video and you'll see just how good your PC will perform compared to a Xbox 360.

Depending on your budget here's what you should to get.

High End Cards :
These cards are as fast or faster than the one used in the video above.

Option 1 :
If you want to use Nvidia only extras and want a really high-end card, go for this one.

Option 2 :
This card is a roughly as fast as the Nvidia one above, but it is a lot cheaper.

Option 3 :
This card is a bit slower than the ones above but the difference isn't going to be noticable.

Option 4 :
This card is as fast as the Nvidia above and costs less.

Middle Range cards :

Option 1 : This HD 7870 is quite a bit slower than the HD 7950 above but it's still a very good card and it's a lot cheaper.

NOTE : these HD 7870 use a "cost-effective" PCB and are known to have problems.
If you don't wanna risk it go with this one instead

Option 2 : This GTX 660 isn't a lot slower than the HD 7870's above.Maybe about 10%.If you're going to use Nvidia exclusive only features, then this one is an very good choice.

Option 3 : This card is as fast as the GTX 660 above which makes it very good value.

Lower End Cards
These are cards i personally wouldn't pair with your CPU.They are still more than 10 times as powerfull as your current card, but they aren't nearly as good as the ones above.

Option 1 :
This card is going to deliver a much better gaming experiance than consoles and it's pretty cheap.

Low - End :

Option 1

This card is quite a bit slower than any of the ones above but its still around 10 times faster than the one you're using now.Its will allow you to play every game at decent settings smoothly but don't expect to max games out with it.


Dec 9, 2012

its obvious that your intel core i7 can handle most games.
as for your ram, is it ddr3, then thats great but you dont have enough. 4gb can get you games like runescape or minecraft, mabye skyrim and such on low settings with barely any load.
your graphics card is not enough. i reccomend a radeon hd 7770 for entry level gamers. if you want to play games on MAX settings then get the radeon hd 7970. but again. most games only require the radeon hd 7870 to play on high