Question How To Port Forwarding On UGRID UNT-G-13-0-2-R-W ?

Nov 9, 2021

Hi hello, i have a question to ask how to port forward on this device ?
I cant seem to find any virtual server option like my previous router D LINK
the old router is replaced by my ISP since it broken and they replace with this UGRID one
i'm so unfamiliar with the interface and such since it combine gpon thingy and not just regular router

Also im using windows 11 v 22 000 194

any help gonna really appreciated thank you !~
i already try google my model but there wasn't any guide to how actually do the port forward .
Thank you !~
I suspect this device is not sold in the USA or the EU. Both as part of their licensing process for wifi require stuff like the user manual be submitted so it tends to be easier find on the internet.

Without the manual it is impossible to say. You are just going to have to look around and see if you can find a screen that looks like port forwarding on other routers. Most devices that have port forwarding also support DMZ so you should be able to find that word on some screen.

I would first check the tab that says network info to see if it will show you the IP addresses assigned to the WAN port of your device. You need to see if you have a public IP. The simple way to tell is to compare the IP you see in the router to a site like whatsmyip.
It tends to be common for ISP in countries that use these routers with direct fiber input to not have enough public IP to give everyone a IP. If you do not have a public IP and the ISP will not give you one it is a waste of your time to even dig around to find out how to port forward.