Question How to "press buttons" in Settings using Batch script?

Jan 21, 2022
Disclaimer: I am new to scripting.
I am trying to create a script that will automatically join a domain from the computer that I run the script on, unfortunately netdom is not an option because none of the computers I will be running this on will have netdom on them . The way I am trying to go about this is to have it open the settings to the domain join screen, select connect and input the domain information/ credentials.
so far I have:
@Echo OFF
start "" ms-settings:workplace

I cannot find documentation on how to/ if it is even possible to manipulate the menus like that via Batch.
Any information is appreciated. THANK YOU!
What is wrong with using the tool designed for that, NETDOM?

You might try some of keyboard-automation utilities, or Windows' own "macro recorder". But I am not sure a script can click buttons...

If you're doing that for more than a handful of workstation, "Windows Resource Kit" (where you can get NetDom) is your friend.