How to prevent GPU overheating?


Jan 5, 2013
I have a EVGA GTX 670 4GB installed for my alienware m17 laptop via a vidock4+. It becomes overheated really easily. The temperature is always at 40C with nothing running while the offsets are all at 0. There's no dust in fan since i just got it out of the box 3 days ago. Not sure what's happening.

Are there anyways to reduce the amount of heat produced other than having to buy a cooler?


Jun 4, 2012
Keep in mind that video cards aren't really designed to be installed in a tiny case all by themselves. Even though it has a number of holes in front the GPU won't be ventilated properly. In a regular case the air will be ventilated to the top, front, and rear of the card by air being moved by case fans. In a case like this the card only vents through the back and sucks in some of that same hot air. Try keeping the card out of the case and see how it works, I'll bet you'll see a reduction in temps. On top of that cards with a blower cooler like this tend to run a little warmer anyway.

Unless your willing to do a few mods and run a different cooler your going to have to live with the higher temps. Although this adapter will allow you to run a larger GPU it won't do so in an ideal manner.