Question How to prevent letter change

Feb 12, 2019
Hi. An install/lettering problem.

a) I have 4 Dells, 2 XP pros, 2 Win7s, wired network and router to cable/internet. All bought as XPs.
b) All computers are set up as - drive C: is the primary / active partition, drives D:, E:, F:, G:, H:, I: are logical drives in an extended partition. Windows is on drive F: on all computers. In Computer Management drive C: shows Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition) and drive F: shows Healthy (Boot, Page file, Crash Dump, Logical Drive)
c) All computers have simple file and printer sharing enabled. One XP has printers attached and shares the printers to the other PCs. All working OK.
d) I updated two XPs to Win7, the updates ended with the desired drive allocations, no letters changed, Win7 was on the F: drive. The update worked just fine. I had to reload all the software I had on the C:, D: and H: drives. Other drives had large data sets, picked up just fine.
e) Now I want to update another XP to Win7. I have tried twice using a downloaded Win7 ISO from PC River. I do have valid Win7 license codes. Each time after install the PCs booted with C: and F: drives swapped, ie physical F: was lettered C and vice versa.

Why? How to prevent this lettering change?

Any comments would be helpful. Grazie