Question How to properly disconnect multiple displays?


Jul 16, 2017
Hello, I connected three displays to my PC running Windows 10. At first I just disconnected two displays by unplugging the cables. However, under Settings >> Display, I still saw the two displays icons labelled 1 and 3. They just became smaller boxes and dimmed. I don't remember what I did. I think I connected back, reboot and tried to remove them from Nvidia control panel and also disconnected them from Setting's Display. I tried various things. At the end, I have the main display (labelled 2) in a big blue box icon. The two boxes for 1 and 3 became dimmed and small boxes.

My first question is why Windows calls the only connected display connected to the PC 2 rather than 1?
Second question is how I rename it as 1?
Third question is do I need to worry about Windows remembering the displays? I am returning the three displays. Better to do whatever I need before returning them.
Finally, what is the proper way to remove a display? Sounds like I did not do it properly.

Thank you