[SOLVED] How to quickly clean dust from pcb components?

Jun 14, 2018
When i search about air compressors they say it's unsafe and vacuum is better, when i search about vacuum they say it's unsafe and air compressed is better, just... wtf
Isn't the problem of static electricity solved by having the pc grounded anyway (as most outlets are)?

Since small desk vacuums cost 20-ish€ and desk air compressors cost 100-ish€ i'm definitely leaning towards vacuums…i don't want to buy monouse cans


No having the PC grounded does nothing to protect against static as the discharge can be local to a part before it has a chance to be grounded out. The amount of static it takes to fry a PC is so small if the static was to leave from your finger for example, you would not even feel it. That is how small a fatal zap is. The best way to clean a PC is with canned air while the PC if off and disconnected from the power source...do not use a vacuum or compressor as they introduce static. Also a static free brush can be used to help reach hard to spray out places.