Question How to raise simultaneous connections LinkOne router


Jan 28, 2020
i have a LinkOne router in my work, it is a L1-RWH1235AC model, and everyday, around 17 to 18 connections, the router stop allowing connections, so we have to restart it all the time.
i went to the setup page on the router, and it says that the IP range is from, shouldn't the router allow way more devices connected at the same time ? we need multiple connections but it does not allow that much. the router is set to Dynamic IP setting, the other option is PPPoE. thanks in advance for the help
It is not the DHCP that is limiting you to 18. Now if the lease is set to long and you have more than 250 different devices over a period time it might.

Although most device do no have a hard limit there is some point that there is not enough bandwidth for all the machines to share. It depends greatly on what the machines are doing. 5 people watching HD netflix is quite different than 20 people surfing the web.

I would look for some limit set in the wifi radio configuration. Maybe this router has a feature that can limit the number of connections. Could be a bug also so you could look to see if there is newer firmware.

18 is quite a few users if they are active so you may want to add another radio something like a extra AP