Question How to reach 1440p gaming (adequately) on this rig?

Apr 10, 2020
Hi all,

I have the following build and would like to know what I could change to achieve 1440p gaming. I do realise this is a 1080p setup atm.

CPU: I5 4690k 3.5mhz (OC to 4.6)
RAM: 2x8GB RAM 1866 (OC to 2333)
GFX: Gigabyte GTX970 G1 4GB
MB: Maximus Hero 7
Monitor: LG flatron W2353V (dont laugh)

Currently im running a DVI cable to the monitor from the video card.

So I'm thinking, switch the video card out to something else (GTX 1070 perhaps?), grab a display port 1.2 cable and upgrade the monitor to 27inch 144hz.

Would this work? Would I be able to play games at or around "high" settings at 144hz (or even 100hz) after making these changes?

Your help is much appreciated!
Depending on the game a quad core i5 can be very limiting to your FPS. I have a 2nd pc with an 4670k @ 4.3GHz and there are games it struggles to hold 60fps. Other games are fine. My main rig has a 2080S and 1440p 144Hz, I can get 120+ FPS in modern AAA games by using a mixture of medium/high/ultra settings.

So depending on the game your cpu will prevent you getting 100+ FPS and a 1070 is a bit weak for 1440p unless you are happy to run medium/low settings in modern AAA games.