How to read internal hard disk when it is having read error


Feb 21, 2012
my hard disk is not gettin detected!!! it is showin hard disk read error during boot!!!!! how to read contents of it???plz giv me a soln
First, I would verify that the power and data cables are properly attached to the drive. If they are, and the system still cannot see the drive, open the BIOS at POST to verify that 1) the BIOS sees the drive, and 2) the drive is set to be the first boot device (or the second boot device, if you want to boot from a CD or DVD).

If the drive still does not work, you could install the drive into a friend's computer to determine whether or not that system sees it. If it does, you should copy you critical data to another hard drive or back it up to media, like CDs or DVDs and get a new hard drive for your computer.