[SOLVED] How to recover files from annoying HDD?

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Sep 12, 2020
Hi, I've often had help from forums on this site in the past but I'm posting for the first time now.

My problem is that I really need some files of my old HDD. My laptop stopped booting so I bought a new hard drive for it.

On my old hard drive I don't seem to be able to do anything with it, BIOS recognized it by name and when I put that hard drive in my PC computer I can't see it in file explorer. But I can in computer management and when I'm asked to set it up, I can't. I only get "data error, cyclic redundancy check". The properties of that drive (in computer management) lies to me and says the disk is working properly.

diskpart in cmd (or PowerShell) doesn't work when this hard drive is plugged in but it does when I remove it.
This drive shows up in device manager also.

I have tried to connect this hard drive in two computers: with an external SATA to USB casing to my friends laptop and to my PC via SATA connector.

So what can I do?

I can't assign the drive to a drive letter and therefor can't use recovery software to access the files I need. I couldn't even format it.
To my best knowledge at least.

I'm hoping there is something I can do, that this less than 2 years old drive is not ruined. If it was, would my computer then see that drive in any way, like I do now?

Any help is much appreciated :)
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