Question How to recover from an extended display issue?

Aug 10, 2020
Hi Guys,
I had been using Win10 extended display with a tv on hdmi and a monitor on display socket thingy. Both connected to a nvidia gt 1060. All was well until I discovered that nvidia control panel had it's own extender. When I tried to use this it swapped my tv with the second monitor. But when I tried to 'fix' this I've ended up that If I plug in the second monitor my tv shows monitor 2's contents and the secondary monitor is black (it says no signal but it is powered on and plugged in to the pc). Because the tv is showing the contents of no 2 I can't get to any of the settings because they are 'off' screen. If I unplug the secondary monitor I get returned to what should be showing on no 1. But because the second screen is no longer plugged in I can't access the settings for multi displays. Arrgggghhh! I thought I could just roll back the pc to a restore point, but after the update to win 2004 that had been turned off! I tried uninstalling the nvidia control panel but that hasn't helped either. Any clever soul out there able to help me? Cheers and thanks in advance.