Question How to recover lost files during the transfer from an android phone to windows10 via USB cable?

Oct 27, 2021
Hello. I cut some files from my j5 2016 android 7.1.1 phone and then paste them to my win10 PC. I did it via a USB cable.
The files are cut from my but they are not pasted on my windows drive.
So, what should I do to recover the files? Has anyone a solution?


Software might find the cut data. There are several tools out there, the one I'm most familiar with is EaseUs's Mobisaver.

Hopefully you're still not using this phone. Deleted files only exist until the space is used for something else and with phone storage being on the small size, the probability of losing data permanently increases. The more you use the phone, the less likely you'll be able to recover anything.

Using cut-and-paste for important files that aren't on the same partition is very highly unrecommended. When you're doing it on the same partition, the OS is just changing the reference to the file. Cutting-and-pasting across partitions is basically doing a copy-and-paste but it relies on the OS deciding when to delete the files rather than you deciding to delete them after verifying the transfer was completed.