How to recover two time formatted data


Aug 10, 2011
Really depends on how you formatted it and if the sector was overwritten at all since a standard basic format doesn't usually write over the sector it really just kinda forgets about the data. Once a new file does write to the sector there is no recovery though, so if you accidentally delete something you can often get it back if you do so immediately, but the longer you wait the more chance a new file will overwrite the sector. Anyway you can try a program such as Recuva to see if you can recover anything, though for formatted drives in the free software category something like minitool power data recovery might have more luck, you can also do a search for data recovery software and see what is recommended lately as my choices might be a couple years old.

Now if you were wondering to make sure you securely deleted your data so that nobody else could recover it, you could use a free program like ccleaner which will rewrite every sector, multiple times even if you wish.