How to reinstall OS without a cd or key


Dec 27, 2010
shey guys,

so i bought this laptop from dubai, and now the OS is fnially dying on me, dont have a repair cd or a OS cd but i desperatly need to reinstall windows vista home premium (the version im already running) is there someway of getting the computer to do it tiself or shall i get any old vcd and just insert my product key when it prompts me (i think i can find it out using belarc advisor which tells you your key)
any advice guys?
If you have an OEM setup of Vista, you'll probably need the same OEM version of the disk or the key may not work. Contact the PC vendor, they should be able to send you a copy of the disk for a small fee if you can't locate one yourself.

The laptop may have a hard-drive recovery partition also where you don't even need the CD, just boot to the recovery program (should tell you how to get to that as the computer is booting), and run the restore.