How to remove a corrupted partition


Apr 9, 2011

I am trying to to resore by ME operating system on a gateway solo laptop so I can use it for wordprocessing. When I put the Gateway resoration disk in, as it loads I see a message flash by that says (I think - it goes by so fast) unable to find AIC 789x and ASPI8U2.SYS not found. When I try to install Windows from the Gateway sys restore disk I get the error message Causeway error 09 unrecoverable error. When I called Gateway (free lifetime telephone support) the tech guy said it sounded like a corrupted partition and it would cost $99 for him to tell me how to fix it. So much for free lifetime support. Can anyone tell me how to remove a corrupted partition? Thank you.
Free lifetime support? You didn't read the small print... when they said lifetime support, they mean their estimated lifetime of the computer... not it's actual lifetime. Computers are almost obsolete the moment they hit the store shelves... the longest support cycle I've seen is 4 years.

As for the issue you're having, what error do you receive when trying to boot the laptop normally? The error messages you quote when booting from restore media are generic messages related to SCSI drivers being loaded (or rather attempted to load) for SCSI devices that are not there... they are not a symptom of your problem. Do you get a DOS prompt when you boot from the restore media? If so, then you should be able to run FDISK to delete, then recreate your OS partition. After that's done, you have to reboot and format the partition. Once that is done, you should be able to run the restore.