Question How to remove a "ms-resource:AppName/Text" entry from the start menu ?



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I'm trying to remove a ms-resource:AppName/Text entry from the start menu in my virtual machine.

I've tried numerous fixes with no success. I want to remove it without having to reinstall or reset Windows. I'm willing to do powershell/DOS commands, delete files/folders, registry edits, etc.

Most fixes that I've seen start with a powershell command, which immediately fails (see the screen shot). I've also tried numerous fixes that continue on with having to close Explorer, open a folder, delete a TempState folder, then restart Explorer. All have failed.

If I create a shortcut on the desktop to it (using Open-Shell), it does appear to have the "Holographic" word in the target.
  • There is no "Holographic" apps listed in Settings.
  • There is no "Holographic" app listed in the Windows Store.
  • There is no "...ExperienceHost.exe" running.
  • There is no file shortcut in the regular start menu folders.
These won't work:

Additional ideas welcome.
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