Question How to remove these Registry entries please?


Mar 20, 2013
Hey guys, I uninstalled both DDMF and Voicemeeter utilities but when reinstalling Voicemeeter it still shows the same DDMF soundcard options as before so I need to remove everything associated with DDMF from my pc and voicemeeter.

Searching the registry for DDMF Iam seeing all of these entries, how can I safely remove all of these please?



If you are still using/running Voicemeeter (noted that you uninstalled it and then re-installed it) just leave the Registry alone.

Especially if there are no specific problems associated with those DDMF entries.

Registry editing is a last resort and should only be attempted after a full system backup including the Registry itself.

Removing the DDMF entries from the Registry may have other unknown consequences.

"If it ain't broke then don't fix it."


how can I safely remove all of these please?
You could delete the registry entries from Registry Editor, albeit this isn't "safe".

Another option would be:
  • uninstall Voicemeeter
  • download and install Ccleaner (free version), link:
  • once Ccleaner is running, pick "Registry" tab and make a scan
  • Ccleaner will find all registry entries that are no longer in use (e.g missing file)
  • before cleaning the registry, within Ccleaner you can make registry backup, which i advise you to do. Just in case registry cleaning should mess something up. You can use the backup to restore your registry
  • with backup done, you can then proceed to clean the lingering registry entries
  • install Voicemeeter back, so that it creates fresh registry entries again
This is "safe" option, since before modifications, you can make registry backup. Also, you can filter registry scan to specific area, instead of whole registry.

But overall, i don't suggest editing registry either. Unless you know exactly what you're doing. Since on worst case scenario, you can corrupt your OS, where format and clean OS install will fix the mess.
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