How to remove write protection from a micro sd card



My micro SD card randomly got write protection on it. The adapter I am using doesn't have the switch on it and I can see some but not all my files when I have it in my tablet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I have no idea what to put it in... The micro SD card is an ADATA 32 gig and I am using a Happy Box adapter.


Jun 13, 2006
Though this is written for USBs, a lot of the steps also apply to SD cards
Scroll down to "My USB Flash device is write protected"

Additionally, you can try using the SD Association's format utility

If none of these work, your card may have gone bad. Write protection is a symptom of the card going bad...

OH, make sure you copy any data you do have access to, because all of the above steps will wipe the card (assuming the write protection can be disabled)