How to repair seagate 500gb external hard drive


Jun 21, 2012
I have sea gate External Hard disk drive of 500gb. I was detecting and working well. I really don't know few days back all of a sudden when i inserted it into my laptop suddenly iam just hearing continuous beep and the light is blinking but it is not detecting in the system. I had stored all my critical, Important & Confidential documents in that. Please help me in rectifying this issue on top priority basis.

You can reach out to me (Somanath) on +91-9535348219 or even you can write to me on

Please help me...

My advance heart felt thanks to all those people who understand my critical situation and comming forward to help me.



I would remove your direct contact information, you will end up getting a lot of spam and scam type phone calls.

Take the drive to a local computer store, and see if there is anything they can do. It's possible the drive is fine, and it's just the enclosure which they would be able to help with. If the drive itself is dead you would need to send it to a data recovery center which would be very expensive, but generally are successful at retrieving data. is a very popular one, although I have never used them myself.