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How To Repair Windows 10 Using Automatic Repair

The support for the universal apps, advanced security, and privacy options are the exceptional features of the Windows 10 system. Sometimes, you may face issues while you load or restart your computer. You might not know the exact reasons for it. Windows provides an automatic repair tool that would help in diagnosing and troubleshooting the various problems like start-up repair. Here is how you repair the Windows 10 system using the automatic repair option.

Step 1
Click the ‘Windows’ start icon

Click the ‘Windows start’ icon. It is located on the bottom left corner of the windows taskbar. You will then be able to see the primary windows options.

Step 2
Click ‘Settings’ option

In the windows start option, click the ‘Settings’ option as shown below. You will find the latest settings options available in your Windows 10 system.

Step 3
Click ‘Update & Security’ option

In the settings window, there are settings related to the account, personalization, privacy, update, time, etc. Here, select the ‘Update & Security’ settings option as shown.

Step 4
Click ‘Recovery’ option

In the update & security window, you will see the option related to windows update, security, and recovery. Here, click the ‘Recovery’ option.

Step 5
Click ‘Restart Now’ option

Automatic repair is the best option when you face issues starting, restarting or processing your windows operations. In the recovery window, click the [b] ‘Restart Now’ [/b] button to modify the start-up settings system and restart your system.

Step 6
Click ‘Troubleshoot’ option

While the system gets restarted, you will find the automatic repair options as shown in the below pic. Click the ‘Troubleshoot’ to automatically repair your Windows 10 system.

Step 7
Click ‘Advanced options’

In the troubleshoot settings, click the ‘Advanced options’ [/b] to view the advanced automatic troubleshooting options.

Step 8
Click ‘Start-up Repair’ option [/n]

In the advanced options, select the ‘Start-up Repair’ option to perform the automatic start-up repair as the system restarts. This will start the automatic repairing of your Windows 10 system.

You can thus easily repair the Windows 10 system using the automatic repair option by following the above steps.
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