How to replace speedtouch 330 modem with netgear router dgnd3700


Dec 16, 2012
Hi I have been trying to help a friend out, to install a new N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router - Model DGND3700, to replace a Thompson Speedtouch USB Modem.

PC Windows XP Home Premium Media addition - Main PC
X2 Laptops Win7 & Vista - fully working on wireless no issues.

I have managed to get two laptops working wirelessly with no problems, my main problem is the master pc needs to be able to use this router as well, but I cannot get it to work via the Ethernet cable!! I can get to to the Routers config page, I have done the following:

unplugged and removed the speedtouch modem, the old dial up connection is still available on the pc along with the speedtouch software and driver, I left this in place just in case the pc needs to revert back to the speedtouch modem, if I am unable to resolve this issue.

I have set the ip address on the PC to static and input the relavent Subnet and Gateway
I can ping the Routers address
even though I have reserved the PC's Mac address and IP Adress I am unable to get to the internet.
I have tried setting up a new internet connection via windows wizard.

when i look into the nework connections section in windows the local area connection is 100mb
and there seems to be another connection which looks like another internet connection this indicates I am connected however I still cannot get an actual google session running.
The computer may be confused by the continued presence of the old MODEM connection so start by deleting that completely in Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections tab. Set it to "Never dial a connection". Then click on the LAN button and tick "Automatically detect settings", click Apply and OK then restart the computer.

Keep the old Frog (Speedtouch) in a drawer by the door just in case but I doubt you'll ever need it. There can't be many left in the UK.