How to reset bios on dell dimension e310


Jan 11, 2012
This started with an I pod, I lost the Icons on the screen and all control.
with a restart I got a blue screen. after working with it for a week after work the thing booted with the NO floppy installed press F1 to continue, I was so suppressed I pressed F1 the thing stated. This thing has never had a floppy so it seem that the setting are wrong in the BIOS. There doesn’t seem to be any help on the Dell support site for getting the configuration back the way it should be.

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Restart and tap the F2 key to go into BIOS then choose the setting to reset to default values then save the change and exit. If you see another Stop Error message on a blue screen, post the details back here. We need the numeric 0x0000?? and ANY_WORDS_JOINED_UP by underscores.