How to reset hp notebook to original settings


Apr 6, 2013
Recently purchased a hp 255 g3 laptop for uni work but it's slow as hell, (video is choppy when on streaming sites like twitch and youtube) and the battery life is only a little over 2 hours when fully charged. I'm going to return the laptop but the problem is I've already used it, the laptop uses windows 8 and requires you to link your hotmail account which you use to sign in.

I want to completely reset the laptop to the settings it came with so my account isn't linked and its as new. The option for it is under update and recovery and says "reset your pc" and that it will remove all personal files and applications and pc settings will be restored to their defaults. My question is after this it says whether I want to just remove my files - use this if you're keeping the pc or clean the drive fully - use this if you're going to recycle the pc. Which option should I choose? I'm presuming just remove my files. I'm not fully sure what the second option does but I want the pc to be reset without my user account linked but still have all the preinstalled programs like mcafee that it came with not just a blank version of windows 8. I have no personal data on the laptop aside from my linked hotmail account and signing into my gmail on chrome - of which I've now unlinked my profile and uninstalled chrome.

Thanks in advance