Question How to resolved auto restart server problem in IBM System X3630 M4

Dec 5, 2018
Hello Masters,

Please read my post first,

I have IBM System X3630 M4 server 24 GB of RAM with RAID 5


  • Server is restarted automatically after appearing system initialize memory message,
  • I can't enter in BIOS settings
  • sometime give error message, POST failure, system will run default settings.
  • same problem occur 5 time in 24 hour
I have tried possible all things :

1. I have clean dust and reset CMOS setting using Jumper on Motherboard : Sometime problem Resoved but it's restarted after 2 or 4 hour

2. I have reset Integrated Management Module. : Sometime problem resolve but it's restarted after 2 or 4 hour

3. I have clean RAM and and changed sequence of RAM : Problem Not Resolved

4. I have shut down server for 15 minutes : problem not resolved

5. I have search on internet but no resolution found,

Now i have run IBM Diagnose Tools and restored previous image and server is properly yet.
but same problem will occur after 2 month.

I can't found any resolution of this problem.

Any one have any permanent solutions ?

Please post your answer as soon as possible.