Question How to retrieve data from internal SSD (ADATA AXNS381E-128GM-B)?

Jun 6, 2023
Hey everyone,

I recently encountered an issue with my old laptop, which seems to have a problem with either the graphics card or the motherboard. In order to retrieve my data, I removed the ADATA XNS381E-128GM-B SSD that contained all my files, including Windows.

Now, I'm attempting to transfer the data from this old SSD to another computer. I've purchased two different adaptors from Amazon for this purpose, but unfortunately, I haven't had any success so far.

The most recent adaptor I purchased can be found here:

Although the adaptor's light turns on and it even becomes slightly warm after a few minutes, I'm unable to access the data. When I click on "Local Disk (E: )" where the SSD is installed in the adaptor, it just keeps loading without any progress.


I'm seeking advice on what I might be doing wrong in this situation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!