Question How to route Audio&Video in a double live-streaming setup with 2 people?

Mar 15, 2021
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Hi everyone, my girlfriend and I are looking to start our live-streaming adventure. We are facing some tech challenges but to give you context here is where we are now:

  • Our setup consists of 2 gaming pc, but one of them acts as a streaming pc as well. We are trying our best to make it work with 2 pc only :D
  • Pc-One sends the game-capture to Pc-Two via Elgato HD60 S
  • PC-Two has 2 OBS scenes, both with the same webcam frame (we have one webcam in between us), but Scene-One has the game capture from Pc-one, and of course, Scene-Two has game capture from Pc-Two.
The ideal scenario consists of us streaming live on Twitch, with the ability to switch from one OBS scene to another with the corresponding audio, although it will fine to have our mics present on both scenes.

And that's what we can't figure out: audio.
Scene-One should have game audio + mic from Pc-One
Scene-Two should have game audio + mic from Pc-Two

As I stated before, could be also cool to have both mics in both scenes

Aside from the microphone included in our headset, we have a USB microphone from Razr.

Even tho we don't know how to operate a mixer, it seems like the GO XLR MINI might help us? The same goes for the Elgato Project Wave which seems to carry some of the features we need.

Any help is super appreciated.
We are super new at this and are already punching above our weights with all this technical issue :D
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