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How to save battery life when using the Samsung Gear VR


The Samsung Gear VR is powered by a Samsung Galaxy phone so battery life something you need to manage if you want to get the best out of your device. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has decent battery life under normal use, but add the rigors of running games and VR content and it soon takes its toll. Here’s how to save battery life when using the Samsung Gear VR.

Save battery life when using the Samsung Gear VR
As the Gear VR is phone based, the same rules apply to battery saving as if you were just using the phone.

1. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS.
Bluetooth is a significant drain on a mobile battery and GPS isn’t far behind. You obviously cannot do this if using Bluetooth headphones or gamepad though.

2. Turn off live wallpapers.
You don’t need them during VR playback and they take up valuable battery.

3. Turn on automatic brightness.
Running that HD screen takes a lot of energy. Automatic brightness tones it down a little.

4. Turn off any sync settings on your phone.
Syncing to Google Drive, Facebook or other account uses processor and network, both of which demand power.


5. Stop all background services not relevant to your VR experience.
Anything that runs on the phone uses battery. If you don’t need it, turn it off.

6. Update the Oculus app.
Earlier versions of the Oculus app were known for draining battery life. Updated versions no longer drain the battery quite so much.

You can charge the phone while using the Samsung Gear VR too as it comes with a multipurpose jack for just that reason but who wants wires?

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