How to save data from broken phone?

May 21, 2018
Hi, so a friend of mine recently broke her phone and got a new one but she wants to recover all the photos and data from the old phone.
But the problem is the old phone has its screen all cracked and ripped apart and won't even start. The screen is just black and nothing shows on it so i can't plug it on my laptop and get the photos out of it.
This might be stupid but i tought about cloud as a solution but i don't know how cloud works i never used it.
So how does cloud work? Or is there any other method to save that data?


Sep 13, 2002
Look up data recovery in Google or some search engine, because data recovery places can also recover phone data. But I can get rather expensive and I would only do it if the data is really worth it

Math Geek

the cloud solution only works BEFORE it breaks. if it won't turn on, then there is no way for it to connect to a network and upload it's data to any cloud service.

now it is possible cloud back-up is already turned on and the pics and such are already saved. google photos and such are defaulted to back up automatically. same as iphones. try logging into the google or icloud account and see what may have been backed up.

otherwise if it won't turn on at all, then you're only option is a recovery service which is not cheap and only worth it for really valuable data. it involves removing the memory chip from the phone's motherboard, and installing it onto another one to get to the stored data. not easy and not cheap at all.

i would also assume if she is like 99% of the world, pretty much every pic was posted in real time to facebook, instagram, twitter or whatever social media she's addicted to. most likely the majority can be redownloaded from those sources as well.

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