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How To Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Dynamic Backgrounds

Ever wanted to save one of those amazing Windows 10 Lock Screen dynamic backgrounds? Windows OS has masked these images so that a normal user cannot access them easily. However, by following a few simple steps as shown in this tutorial, you can save the Windows 10 Lock Screen Dynamic Backgrounds.

Step 1
Open ‘Run’ window

Hold down the windows key and at the same time press ‘R’ key on the keyboard.

Step 2
Type in %userprofile% and click OK

Step 3
Access the Address bar of the window.

Step 4
Type the following in the Address bar :
Then, click on the Enter key.

Step 5
Select all items by holding down the Ctrl and the A key. Then click on the Copy icon.

Step 6
From the This PC icon, double-click to open your Local Disk (E:) .

Step 7
Hold down the Ctrl, Shift and the N key to create a new folder and name it ‘Spotlight’. Double-click to open the folder.

Step 8
Click on the Paste icon.

All the items will now be pasted into the spotlight folder.

Step 9
From the start icon, type in Command Prompt in the Search bar.

Step 10
Select the Run as Administrator option.

Step 11
Type in the following commands in the Command Prompt window

Type "E :" and Press 'Enter' key
Type "cd spotlight" and Press 'Enter' key
Now type "Ren . *.jpg" and Hit enter again.

Step 12
Close the Command Prompt window by clicking on the Close icon.

Step 13
Open the spotlight folder by double-clicking on it.

Step 14
All the images are now saved in the readable jpg format.

With these simple steps, you can save all those beautiful Windows 10 Lock Screen Dynamic backgrounds.
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